Thursday, December 4, 2008

the more you give...

As soon as TechCrunch announced the availability of Facebook Connect, I felt pressure to organize my life.

What I mean is, I think our success with Facebook Connect, as individuals, will be dependent on how much information we offer and how well we organize it. Basically, the more you give, the more you get: the more you weed out noise by managing your FB account, the more accurate subsequent communications with you will be. I'd like to have someone like California Closets come in and manage my FB account.

I'm not so concerned with a potential backlash based on people's discomfort sharing so much information. Instead, I'm more concerned people will become disgruntled by not having managed their social graph.

Will people be more discerning about connections from now on? Could FB give us (data-based) tips on identity management? Or is that a psychologist's role?


peterkim said...

People will have to be more discerning about connections - if they decide to use FB Connect. Just as most people opt out of Social Ads, I imagine that the convenience of single sign-on doesn't outweigh the value of privacy.

kate said...

I agree, for now... It would be difficult (futile) to argue privacy is less valuable than most else, but the "added value" of single sign-on is the unanticipated merits. I would doubt convenience is the primary motivator, from the consumer side. Maybe as we become more accustomed to our social graphs, that value will be more salient in our daily behaviors.